Farm Progress Show Celebrates 70 Years

Chuck Zimmerman

I have attended many Farm Progress Shows but not 70 of them! What a milestone and what memories over the years. You can learn a little bit of the history of the show here.

I’m on my way with a full schedule of activities. Once again Syngenta has made my trip possible and I’ll be conducting interviews and finding out “What’s New in the World of Agribusiness.” So, you can look forward to a lot of photos. I have a number of other scheduled booth visits and interviews too. Once again the media tent is made possible by BASF so I’ll be there during breaks out on the grounds.

On Wednesday I get to be shadowed by one of the AgComm students that University of Illinois AgComm professor Owen Roberts is bringing over to see what it’s like in the real world of ag journalism. His name is Logan and we’ll get to know more about him. I’ve already got some good ideas for what he can do to learn and help during the agriblogging highway.

So, here’s to good weather, a big crowd and happy exhibitors.

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