2023 Ag Media Summit Drew a Big Crowd

Chuck Zimmerman

2023 Ag Media SummitThe 2023 Ag Media Summit is concluding with a tour today but I’m on my way back to ZimmComm World Headquarters. We had a great conference which included 100 USDA communicators joining in for the first day of professional development sessions. It wasn’t all work though as we had fun with the famous welcome party to get things started. Marilyn Monroe showed up and got her picture taken with Greg Lamp, who received the AgCommNetwork Lifetime Achievement Award. The photographer is greg Hillyer, Editor in Chief of DTN/The Progressive Farmer.

I’ll have more to share while I get caught up from 8 days on the agriblogging highway.

If you missed this year’s Summit you can find lots of photos here: 2023 Ag Media Summit Photo Album

The Agricultural Media Summit is the largest annual conference of agricultural communicators in the US and provides opportunities for networking and professional development through workshops and speakers from industry professionals. The conference is held by the Ag Communicators Network, Ag Media Council, and the Livestock Publications Council.

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