Passing of Charlie Stenholm

Cindy Zimmerman

Charlie Stenholm (R) smiles at Barry Flichbaugh during the 2012 AMS Great Debate

Former Texas Democrat Rep. Charlie Stenholm died last week at the age of 84 and many in ag media fondly remember the man as part of the famous “Great Debates” at Ag Media Summit with Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh, former ag economist at Kansas State University, who passed away in 2020.

Stenholm served in the House of Representatives for 26 years from 1979-2005 and was the Ranking Member of the House Agriculture Committee from January 1997, playing a major role in farm policy.

The “Great Debates” between Stenholm and Flinchbaugh at AMS were as entertaining as they were newsworthy, with the two friends on opposite ends of the political spectrum frequently agreeing to disagree about farm policy. Those of you who were there are smiling as you remember!

You can listen to the 2012 Great Debate here: AMS Great Debate

Speaking of Ag Media Summit … it’s coming up July 30-August 2, 2023 in Palm Springs, CA and registration is open now.

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