Unlocking the Potential of Imaging at VISION 2023

Cindy Zimmerman

Leaders in imagery technology offered insights into the true value proposition for agricultural users during one of the first panels at this week’s VISION Conference in Glendale, Arizona.

Dave Gebhardt, General Manager for EarthDaily Agro, moderated the panel which focused on fully utilizing the massive potential of imaging data. “Imagery has been around for a long, long time and it’s still not one of the most highly sought after data sets,” said Gebhardt. “So we talked a little bit about how we combine different data sets, maybe some satellite imagery with drones.”

Gebhardt says they are also working with different sectors in satellite imagery. “We’re measuring anything that’s green, so how about forestry, how about carbon? How about ESG? So we are looking at opportunities that go outside of traditional precision ag.”

Joining Gebhardt on the panel were Tim Hassinger, Intelinair, Inc.; Orlando Saez, Aker Technologies; and Ron Osborne, Head of Technology for Agriculture, Amazon Web Services.

Learn more in this interview with Gebhardt from the 2023 VISION Conference.
VISION 2023 interview with Dave Gebhardt, EarthDaily Agro (4:48)

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