Syngenta Seeds Investment Announced 5 Years Ago Pays Off

Chuck Zimmerman

GW Fuhr, SyngentaThe 2022 Farm Progress Show saw a long-term investment paying off for Syngenta as the company continued showcasing new technology including corn hybrids, soybean varieties, biotech traits and digital advancements that will help farmers.

“Five years ago at this very show, we talked about our investment in U.S. seeds. We talked about a $400 million investment to really rebuild our pipeline in seeds,” said G.W. Fuhr, head of Golden Harvest’s U.S. Sales Team. “That investment is benefiting us today with great products. We’ve doubled the number of plant breeders in this organization, we’ve doubled our product testing, we’ve made key infrastructure investments.”

Fuhr said the company’s number on value is passion for the customer, which is the farmer.

GW Fuhr, Head of U.S. Sales, Golden Harvest
FPS22 Interview with GW Fuhr, Golden Harvest (3:51)

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