Farmers Receive $1.2 Million from CarbonNOW®

Cindy Zimmerman

Over 40 farmers around the country are celebrating the rapid receipt of over $1.2 million in carbon payments, upfront on a per-acre basis through CarbonNOW®, a globally recognized carbon farming program from Locus Agricultural Solutions® (Locus AG). Farmers received the initial compensation within 8 months of joining CarbonNOW, making it the fastest prepayment from any agricultural carbon farming program.

“It’s important for farmers to see financial compensation early on for the time dedicated to a carbon farming program, plus co-benefits to help ensure a successful growing season,” said Travis Kraft, Locus AG’s director of row crops and CarbonNOW carbon farming expert. “With CarbonNOW, farmers don’t have to wait years for payment. They get guaranteed money upfront with no program fees, plus the chance for bonuses.”

CarbonNOW also provides access to novel microbial soil amendments, or soil probiotics, that count as a required regenerative agriculture practice change.

In addition to broader eligibility, the soil probiotics also accelerate profitability for the farmer and enable potential performance bonuses by:
– increasing carbon sequestration
– enhancing nutrient uptake
– boosting crop productivity / yields

Locus AG’s CarbonNOW experts help farmers track these co-benefits through free-of-charge, on-farm soil testing and third-party validations.

The CarbonNOW program was recently expanded to 1.32 million acres and growing interest from farmers and carbon credit buyers is leading to additional plans for further reach.

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