RFA Ethanol Podcast

Syngenta Agronomy Alert – DuracadeViptera Success

Chuck Zimmerman

Corn rootworm is one of the primary insect pests, costing growers an estimated $1 billion annually in lost yields and control measures. I talked with Bruce Battles, technical agronomy manager for Syngenta to describe how bad it is and what his suggestions are for growers in this current season. He specifically talks about the successes growers have had using Syngenta’s DuracadeViptera which controls both above ground and below ground pests.

“There are several key insect pest corn growers should keep an eye out for this growing season – including corn rootworm and western bean cutworm,” says Bruce Battles, technical agronomy manager for Syngenta. “For those that plant corn on corn, conditions have supported an increase in corn rootworm populations in the last few years. Conducting root digs and monitoring adult corn rootworm beetles will help guide future management decisions.”

You can listen in to our conversation here: Interview with Bruce Battles (5:55)

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