Duromide + NBPT Increases Nitrogen Protection Efficiency

Chuck Zimmerman

Koch Agronomics AnvolDr. Greg Schwab, Koch Agronomic Services, says there has never been a better time for growers to utilize nitrogen stabilizers. I spoke with him about why this is as and we also talked about a peer-reviewed article that concludes that the ingredients in ANVOL, a Koch nitrogen stabilizer, significantly reduces ammonia volatilization loss from urea – up to 33%.

You can listen to my interview with Greg here: Interview with Dr. Greg Schwab (4:37)

As input supply chain issues tighten budgets, growers will need to capitalize on their nitrogen investment by protecting what they apply to their fields. A recent peer-reviewed article concludes Duromide + NBPT reduces ammonia volatilization loss from urea by up to 33 percent compared to NBPT alone. Developed by Koch Agronomic Services (Koch), Duromide is found in ANVOL® nitrogen stabilizer, working in tandem with NBPT to increase nitrogen protection efficiency.

“Peer-reviewed articles are the gold standard of research when it comes to a new technology,” said Dr. Greg Schwab, vice president of agronomy and innovation at Koch. “Between the amount of data required and the review process, it generally takes 2-3 years to achieve this accomplishment. Koch is proud to have this published research to showcase the superior performance of Duromide, the active ingredient in ANVOL, compared to stabilizers that rely on the older NBPT technology.”

Koch’s ANVOL is a unique solution to address ammonia volatilization with the dual-active ingredients of Duromide and NBPT. With optimal amounts of two active ingredients working in tandem, ANVOL provides a longer duration of protection from nitrogen loss through volatilization. This extended window of protection provides a higher return on investment for growers while reducing environmental impact.

You can find the full news release here. (.doc)

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