Industry Ag News 10/8

Carrie Muehling

  • “Catch the Rhythm in Music City” for the 2021 American Society of Agricultural Consultants (ASAC) Annual Conference, Nov. 7-10, in Nashville, Tenn. The conference features Temple Grandin of Colorado State University, who is known around the world for her expertise in animal welfare and livestock handling techniques. Plus, “Farm Babe” Michelle Miller, an internationally recognized speaker, writer and columnist, will serve as the keynote speaker.
  • The Georgia Peanut Commission and Georgia Bankers Association will join forces Oct. 11-15, 2021, to promote the 45th annual Georgia Peanut Bank Week. Financial institutions and local banks across the state will offer a tribute to Georgia’s 4,500 peanut farm families and the sustainability they provide to Georgia’s state and local economies.
  • The National Cotton Council is excited to announce that the NCC-coordinated 2022 Beltwide Cotton Conferences, set for January 4-6 at the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel in San Antonio, Texas, will offer attendees timely updates on the latest research, technology and issues affecting U.S. cotton production and processing.
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael S. Regan announced the appointment of Rod Snyder to become EPA’s Agriculture Advisor. Snyder will lead outreach and engagement efforts with the agricultural community for EPA, working to advance the Biden-Harris environmental agenda for farmers and rural communities.
  • “U.S. Farm Report” hosted by Tyne Morgan will be filming at Purdue’s West Lafayette campus from 2-3:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 21. Filming will take place on the lawn by the Agricultural Administration Building. The complete show will air on Oct. 23 and also feature research from Purdue’s College of Agriculture.
  • Farmers for Sustainable Food (FSF) has added an experienced communications professional to expand the promotion of the organization’s work, especially the efforts of farmer-led watershed conservation groups that FSF supports. Anne Moore joined FSF last month as sustainability communications manager.
  • The Packer announces the 2022 Global Organic Produce Expo (GOPEX) is set for Jan. 31 – Feb. 2, 2022, in sunny South Florida. To learn more about the program and register for the event, go to
  • The twin calamities of COVID-19 and climate events have made a mess of moving products to market for nearly any supplier of nearly any kind of goods. But for farmers who grow real Christmas trees, a heat wave in the Pacific Northwest earlier this summer made some wonder if there would even be product to move. The answer after weeks of assessing, tending, and planning? YES. The industry expects plenty of trees to go around. Barring any new crises before harvest, this will not be the Christmas without a real Christmas tree. With just about eight weeks to go until the real Christmas tree shopping season hits, industry experts are confident there will be a real Christmas tree for everyone who wants one this year. If a particular location doesn’t have the type of tree you’re looking for, visit and enter your zip code to find a real Christmas tree retailer near you.
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