Golden Harvest Launches Gold Series Soybeans for 2022

Cindy Zimmerman

To help farmers achieve the highest yield potential, Golden Harvest has launched the Gold Series line of soybeans featuring exclusive genetics in high-demand trait platforms. Available for the 2022 season, the new lineup includes Enlist E3® soybeans and XtendFlex® soybeans.

Gold Series soybeans include exclusive genetics from Syngenta Seeds, which has one of the longest-running soybean breeding programs in the United States. Syngenta Seeds’ elite pool of exclusive genetics enables Golden Harvest to offer farmers many of the industry’s highest-yielding and leading defensive soybean varieties with flexibility in herbicide trait choice. The diversity of the Gold Series portfolio provides farmers with tailored solutions for their challenges.

“We’re thrilled to launch our first line of soybeans with exclusive Syngenta Seeds genetics,” said Stephanie Porter, Golden Harvest soybean product manager. “Our Gold Series soybean varieties offer farmers not only choice of trait platforms, but also choice of genetics. More choice means farmers have more ways to manage risk and diversify their operations.”

Porter was on-hand at the Farm Progress Show last week in Illinois to answer farmers’ questions about the new Gold Series. Learn more here and in the interview below.
FPS21 Interview with Stephanie Porter, Golden Harvest (4:00)

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