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Benson Hill and CropTrak Collaborate for Sustainability and Innovation

Cindy Zimmerman

Benson Hill, Inc. today announced a relationship with CropTrak that allows them to accelerate collection of agronomic data to improve product performance and farm sustainability.

The CropTrak relationship provides the technological infrastructure to accelerate this connection and further positions Benson Hill as a leader, providing the ingredients needed to deliver more healthy and sustainable food and feed products.

“Our collaboration with CropTrak accelerates in-depth agronomic data collection from our farmer partners, increasing our ability to benchmark and provide verifiable sustainability metrics to our customers and other stakeholders,” said Jason Bull, Chief Technology Officer of Benson Hill. “With this technology infrastructure, we will work to strengthen our CropOS® data library, continue to increase profitability for our partner farmers and build valuable ESG metrics for our food company customers, while also enhancing transparency and traceability across the supply chain.”

The CropTrak platform increases the efficiency to geo-locate acres contracted by Benson Hill, collect soil samples and measure protein content, and seamlessly uploads holistic data directly from existing farm management information systems and equipment. The information is delivered to CropOS®, Benson Hill’s technology platform that combines data analytics and artificial intelligence with plant biology and food science to produce crops that are optimized for taste and nutrition while maximizing agronomic performance and assisting in the assessment of sustainability impacts on the farm.

“By digitally enabling and connecting an entire supply chain management process, food companies can more seamlessly weave together the story of their product and certification to defend against dynamic markets and environmental conditions that may affect production. We’re proud to be working together and to see Benson Hill adopt the CropTrak platform in a unique way to deliver on our shared commitment of providing safe, affordable and sustainable food,” said Aaron Hutchinson, President of CropTrak.

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