Alltech ONE has the Beef

Cindy Zimmerman

The beef cattle track at this year’s virtual Alltech ONE Ideas Conference includes a number of top-notch speakers addressing some of the industry’s most important issues.

“We have a really global panel of speakers this year,” said Dr. Vaughn Holder, Alltech Ruminant Research Director. “It’s very important to us to represent the more than 130 countries that our customers come from.”

Presenters include Sara Place, Elanco Animal Health; Carlo Sgoifo Rossi, University of Milan; Ejnar Knudsen, AGR Partners; Nina Teicholz, author; Victor Campanelli, Brazil farmer.

New this year are live workshops where participants can interact with presenters. For the beef industry, Holder says one of those will focus on what is driving the demand to reduce red meat intake, with Alltech CEO Dr. Mark Lyons and Dr. Alice Stanton, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and Devenish Nutrition. That will take place live on Tuesday, June 22 at 11 am.

On Thursday, Dr. Holder will be hosting a live workshop on sustainability and how food retailers driving sustainability upstream. “That’s causing changes throughout our industry and it’s happening in an avalanche,” said Holder.

Check the Alltech workshop schedule to register for the live sessions and listen to this interview with Dr. Holder to learn more. The 2021 Alltech ONE Ideas Conference is being held in a virtual format June 22-24.

Alltech ONE Beef Track - Dr. Vaughn Holder (8:24)

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