Ayrstone Announces New Compact Product Line

Cindy Zimmerman

Since global COVID-19 pandemic has made having reliable and strong Internet access in homes and businesses, and across farms and ranches, Ayrstone is proud to introduce a new compact product line to make that easier.

For over ten years, Ayrstone’s AyrMesh line of products has made it easy to have a wireless network covering the maximum area by placing the Hubs as far apart as possible – typically between 1 and 2.5 miles. However, many customers need a denser configuration for coverage.

The new AyrMesh Hub2x2C is a true MIMO 2×2 Ayrmesh Hub, but in a smaller, lower-power, lower-gain configuration suitable for somewhat denser WiFi installations.

Bill Moffitt, President of Ayrstone Productivity, said they want to be able to offer AyrMesh Hubs that will allow farmers, ranchers, and other rural businesses to have continuous WiFi across hundreds and even thousands of acres. “We are also aiming this product more at specialty growers, livestock operations, commercial nurseries, and rural homeowners,” said Moffitt.

Ayrstone is also announcing the new AyrMesh ReceiverC, a smaller, slightly less-powerful version of the AyrMesh Receiver, suitable for use from a few hundred feet to two miles away from an AyrMesh Hub. It can be used to bring the AyrMesh network into outbuildings or connect non-WiFi-equipped devices in the field to the AyrMesh network.

The new AyrMesh products are available now at the Ayrstone store – https://ayrstone.com.

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