Social Media Platform Decisions Causing Fear & Indecision

Chuck Zimmerman

AgWired TwitterWe are still reeling from the events that occurred in Washington, DC recently and wonder where it will all end. We have been social media pioneers in this industry and started our company the same year Facebook started, but now we are concerned about what the future holds. We’ve already had some issues with the major platforms just from the standpoint of how some of their policy decision are affecting publishers and most recently how the latest Apple iOS update is affecting apps with their new privacy restrictions.

We have (or had) personal and multiple company accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others. Now we’re wondering what the impact will be with the fragmenting of audience as these platforms lose users and other platforms start growing.

Cindy and I are appalled by the violence in the nation’s Capitol, but also appalled at the attack on free speech and the way this is continuing to snowball. We are in a very scary time right now and we are praying a lot for the future of our nation.

For this reason, we’re looking into alternatives. I’ve already opened a Gab account (running slow with huge amount of traffic) and I had a Parler account for a day. I haven’t had time to evaluate them, but I will. And I’ll keep looking at new ones. Maybe it’s time for new media to be new media again.

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