Debate Mentions Farmers, Discusses Energy

Cindy Zimmerman

President Donald Trump highlighted his support for U.S. farmers and ranchers during the presidential debate with Democrat challenger Joe Biden Thursday night.

“China is paying … I just gave 28 billion dollars to our farmers,” President Trump said when asked what he would do to make China pay for its lack of transparency about the coronavirus.

Interrupted by Biden saying it was “taxpayers’ money,” President Trump argued that China paid for its treatment of farmers. “They devalued their currency and also paid up. And you know who got the money? Our farmers, our great farmers, because they were targeted.”

Presidential debate Trump on China and farmers (:22)

Former Vice President Biden expressed support for “complete zero emissions by 2025” by transitioning away from oil during climate change portion of the debate.

“Because the oil industry pollutes significantly,” said Biden. “It has to be replaced by renewable energy over time.”

Biden mentioned solar and wind energy, but renewable fuels were not specifically mentioned by either candidate. Later in the segment on climate change, Biden stretched the deadline for zero emissions beyond 2025. “We have to move toward net zero emissions. The first place to do that by the year 2035 is in energy production, by 2050 totally.”

The former vice president also said he is does “rule out banning fracking,” but wants to make sure we can “capture the emissions from the fracking.”

Listen to some of the debate on energy here:
Presidential debate discussion on energy (2:16)

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