Creative Ways to Use Those Social Media Skills

Chuck Zimmerman

4th Sunday of Lent MassThe reactions, rules, ideas, suggestions of how to beat the COVID-19 virus have completely disrupted the lives of all of us. I know this can be a time of real anxiety, worry and depression. Now is when most of us need our church family and services and yet we are unable to gather together as churches of all denominations cancel their activities, including weekly services.

Although Cindy and I have several projects we’re working on that don’t require travel, the 24/7 endless stream of “news” as well as a whole lot of speculation, especially on social media, is very distracting and emotionally exhausting. We’re used to working out of our home so ZimmComm World Headquarters is functioning mostly as normal in a world where there is suddenly no normal.

When I found out the pastor of our church in Pensacola, Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel, wanted to livestream Mass yesterday, I immediately let him know I was available and was humbled to be able to be of service in that way to the Lord.

The livestream went off flawlessly and as of this morning it has almost 1,000 views and almost 100 comments. Father says he has received very positive feedback. We will be doing this again this Wednesday, the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord, at 9am central. We’ll start about 5 minutes early with a view of the Altar and some music. Then on Friday evening at 7 pm we’re planning to live stream the Stations of the Cross with me following Father through the stations.

For you content creators out there, perhaps you could contact your church if you haven’t already, to see if it could use your skills in this way. I’m hoping the effort will bring some solace and calm to people in the countryside or in the city. Cindy and I pray for a quick end to this virus situation which threatens us in more ways than just the illness and its results. Pray for an Easter miracle!

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