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Helping Hemp Farmers to Know What They Grow

Carrie Muehling

Companies like Phylos Bioscience are looking to partner with hemp distributors across the nation. That’s why the Portland-based company exhibited at the 2020 Heart of America Agricultural Hemp Classic in Independence, Mo.

Phylos Bioscience is a genetics testing company in the hemp and cannabis space, which identifies male and female plants and also hosts a 3D repository of all the DNA they’ve sampled over the years to provide transparency and help farmers to know exactly what they are growing.

“Take the time to really do the research on how to grow it, and make sure that whatever variety you do have is actually hemp,” said Aaron Jarvis with Phylos.

Jarvis said the company is already working with the Missouri Hemp Association and American Hemp Research, and they intend to develop more partnerships in the days to come.

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