Research Looks at Farmers of the Future

Carrie Muehling

Research presented at the 2019 American Seed Trade Association CSS & Seed Expo answered questions about who the farmers of the future will be and what they will need from the agriculture industry.

“The goal is to help the industry have some focus on what’s coming, think about their own plans, how they can disrupt themselves to become more competitive, and ultimately continue to strengthen the industry over time,” said Brett Sciotto, CEO of Aimpoint Research.

Sciotto said this initial research focused on American farmers in response to the realization that clients were not focused far enough into the future and weren’t preparing enough for the future dynamics that would ultimately impact their business. Future research will be more global, looking at the psychology of farmers in other countries.

Listen to Cindy’s interview with Brett here:ASTACSS19 Interview with Brett Sciotto - Aimpoint Research (7:07)

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