GROWMARK Moves Forward with AgValidity

Carrie Muehling

GROWMARK is helping member customers to wade through the new technology available in agriculture with its AgValidity platform.

“Ag Validity is really what we’re calling a platform to test and vet out a lot of this new technology,” said Chris Grogan, GROWMARK media relations manager. “So there are upstart companies, there are companies that have been around, and they are just bombarding the agricultural market with all of these new products, which is great. There’s a ton of new technology out there. What we saw as an opportunity was to use our member companies and all of the experience that we have across our large geographic footprint to really vet out some of these new products and new technology.”

Grogan shared the initiative with participants at the 2019 Ag Media Summit in Minneapolis, and said the company is currently working on more than 20 projects with various businesses around the world to find products and services that will save their members time and money.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Chris here: Interview with Chris Grogan, GROWMARK

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