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Can-Am on the Farm

Chuck Zimmerman

Riggs on a Can-Am DefenderThis summer a Can-Am Defender has proven its value on a farm, the Walkin’Z Ranch to be precise. The Defender has shown how well it works while deer hunting but what about chores around a farm? Walkin’Z Ranch is owned by my brother/sister-in-law, Paul and Laura Zimmerman and they have property in Georgia.

While I visited for Father’s Day weekend we took some time to see how they use the Defender. Paul will give you the rundown while you can see the vehicle in a couple of different situations like rounding up horses to move to a different pasture, feeding time and moving hay bales. As Paul says, there are many ways the Defender helps chores get done more quickly and sometimes it’s just nice to ride around their property and relax. They have a beautiful place as you’ll see in the video.

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