BASF Excited About Revysol

Carrie Muehling

After 10 years of research and development, BASF shared its new Revysol technology with those attending the 2019 BASF Science Behind event, held just before the Commodity Classic in Orlando.

Revysol technology will be part of two new products available for the 2019 growing season, pending registration. More details are forthcoming about Veltyma for corn and Revytek for soybeans, but Scott Kay, BASF Vice President, U.S. Crop, said trials showed promising results.

“If you and I went and walked into a field at a field day and there were no signs, I think we would walk to each and every application where Revysol technology was used, because you would just see the difference,” said Kay. “So I would welcome farmers across the U.S. to take a look and see the difference that technology is going to bring to them on their farms.”

Kay said customers have been getting great new experiences with BASF because of changes over the past year that include more complete conversations and more choices for farmers.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Scott here: Interview with Scott Kay, BASF

2019 BASF Science Behind Event Photo Album

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