Below Ground Protection with Ethos 3D

Carrie Muehling

FMC is encouraging growers to pay just as much attention to what’s happening below the ground as they do to what’s happening on the surface, according to Bob Hooten, Midwest Technical Support Manager.

“Below ground you have to worry about your root system,” said Hooten, who was at the 2019 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville. “You have to protect your root system and have the largest root system – very deep – because you want to bring in nutrients and you want to bring in water.”

Hooten said there are a number of pests that can present problems below the ground, as well as diseases that can wreak havoc on the root system of a plant. Using products like FMC’s Ethos 3D for in-furrow protection can allow roots to grow deeper into the soil for better utilization of nutrients and moisture. Hooten said it’s important to keep the big picture in mind when choosing crop protection products.

“I’m not telling people that they’re going to gain every single solitary time,” he said. “You probably won’t. But over time, you will make a very good return on investment.”

Hooten said seed treatments last about two weeks and will help seed to emerge, but they don’t protect the roots of the plant. He suggested that growers who are investing in inputs above the ground and not seeing benefits or are capping out at a certain yield plateau in corn or soybeans probably need to take a look at protecting their root systems, as well.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Bob here: Interview with Bob Hooten, FMC

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