2018 Ag Media Summit Bigger than Usual

Cindy Zimmerman

There are nearly 800 agricultural communications professionals and students attending the 20th annual Ag Media Summit this week in Scottsdale, AZ, which is bigger than normal because a new organization is part of the event this year.

The Association for Communication Excellence (ACE) in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Life and Human Sciences has joined with the American Agricultural Editors’ Association, Livestock Publications Council and the Connectiv Agri-Media Committee to meet the theme of “Everything Under the Sun.”

“It’s great because we have added more people to help out and added more sessions,” says AMS 2018 chair Molly Shoen, Charolais Journal.

The university extension communicators have added a new dimension this year, and Molly says they might become a permanent addition but not until after next year when the Summit hosts the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) in Minneapolis.

Listen to my interview with Molly here:
Interview with Molly Shoen, AMS 2018 chair

2018 Ag Media Summit photo album

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