Peanut Growers Pleased with Farm Bill Provisions

Cindy Zimmerman

Peanut industry lobbyist Bob Redding spoke with those gathered at the 2018 Southern Peanut Growers Conference about key provisions in this year’s farm bill. Important items Redding discussed included a $535 reference price and $355 marketing loan, as well as a separate peanut payment limit. Redding also spoke about storage and handling provisions, which he called a target in this year’s bill. He also said timing is critical with mid-cycle elections again on the horizon.

“Getting a five-year farm bill done and in the bank is important for our business. Very, very important,” said Redding, noting that an extension would complicate things for peanut producers.

Listen to Redding’s entire farm bill presentation here:
SPGC18 presentation by Bob Redding, peanut industry lobbyist

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