Show-Rite Feeds Champions

Cindy Zimmerman

Show-Rite® Show Feeds has made winning a habit for its customers and, as part of the Alltech Feed Division and Hubbard Feeds, the company is part of an even bigger winning team.

“Our team is second to none and in some way all of our specialists are tied to the industry,” says Show-Rite regional representative Mari Palacio. “Then the opportunities Alltech opens for us with their products and innovations – we incorporate that into our feed line.”

Palacio spent a lot of time at World Pork Expo last week visiting with participants in the Junior Nationals, like 6-year-old Grady Poliska, who took the title of Champion Overall Team Purebred Gilt.

Click here to watch her interview with Grady.

Learn more in this interview: Interview with Mari Palacio, Show-Rite

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