Filter Technology Key to Corn Milling Process

Carrie Muehling

The sifting and separation process is an important one when it comes to corn and wet milling.

Sefar is a global company headquartered in Switzerland, whose specialty is precision weaving synthetic fabrics used in a variety of applications primarily for filtration, including in corn and wet milling plants.

“We have a lot of partnerships and ongoing businesses with the corn and wet milling plants throughout the United States and we supply particular products that they need to keep their plants running,” said Curt Carstens, vice president of sales for the process filtration division at Sefar.

Carstens said the Corn Utilization & Technology Conference is a great place to interface with researchers who are not already familiar with the company, and to reconnect with those that are.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Curt here: Interview with Curt Carstens, Sefar

2018 Corn Utilization & Technology Conference

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