Fungicide Use Differs Based on Geography

Carrie Muehling

With another growing season approaching, growers all over the country will have to make decisions about using fungicides. And no two years are alike, with varying environmental conditions and stress factors that can lead to an increase in pathogens being present.

“The first line of defense is choosing a good hybrid or variety that is going to be tolerant to your key diseases in your area. And that can be different. It’s going to be different all the way from the Midwest to the South,” said Matt Wiggins, technical service manager with FMC.

Wiggins said timely scouting is also important as growers really have to be proactive or preventative rather than reactive. He recommended Preemptor for Midwest growers and Topguard EQ for those located in the South. Wiggins said FMC will launch a new fungicide in 2019.

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Coverage of the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show is sponsored by
Coverage of the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show is sponsored by FMC
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