SMART Farmer Jerry Flint

Cindy Zimmerman

Jerry Flint may not technically be a farmer, but he did grow up on a farm in Ohio and his entire career has been focused on delivering new innovations to smart farmers.

In addition to being vice president of regulatory affairs for Dow DuPont Agriculture Division, Flint is also first vice chair for the American Seed Trade Association, and his company is an industry partner of the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance. DowDuPont is the official name of the company which now includes the very first commercial hybrid corn seed company – Pioneer Hi Bred, which was started in the mid-1920s.

Plant breeding has come a long way since the first hybrid was created, and in this edition of the SMART Farmer podcast, Jerry talks about the benefits of technological innovations in agriculture – SMART Farmer Podcast with Jerry Flint, Dow DuPont Agriculture Division

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