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Taiwanese Rice Importers Visit Missouri

Kelly Marshall

No one traveled father for the Missouri Rice Council annual Rice Field Day in Campbell, Missouri than Taiwanese Rice Importer, Chris Lee.  Forty years ago his father began a rice business in Taiwan and today Lee and his brothers have taken that business global by importing rice from around the world.  Last week they were in the U.S. to learn more about varieties that will meet demands back home.

“We were here at the field day today and we saw the effort that was put in by the researchers- rice breeders and researchers- and we saw a lot of varieties. We’re glad to see how advanced and how much effort you guys put into creating new varieties and hopefully we find some type of variety that will fit into our market,” Lee said.

Currently that demand includes long grain rice, as Taiwan mostly grows medium grain.  Lee has been talking to guest speakers at the events they’ve attended to learn more about the varieties of long grain rice and how they differ from state to state.

Listen to Jamie’s full interview with Lee to learn more: Interview with Chris Lee, Shan Shui Me Food Enterprise

Photos of the event can be found here: Missouri Rice Field Day Photo Album

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