Bayer Talks Policy – Trade, WOTUS, Farm Bill

Jamie Johansen

News from Washington comes daily and every decision in one way, shape or form impacts our agriculture community. The Bayer AgVocacy Form provided a platform for key policy issues to be discussed and Bayer’s Federal Relations and Policy Senior Director, Jim McVaney, shared his insights into the new administration.

“The fact that agriculture didn’t play a role in the President’s speech [to Congress] is interesting. But I don’t think it’s a negative. He did not run on a platform that was heavy on ag policy. What he did was run on a platform that was heavy on regulatory reform, streamlining the process and making government more friendly to business. Every other indication he has given says it will apply to how he approaches policies that impact the farm.”

With the news of Water of the United States (WOTUS) hot off the presses, Jim said he has been in D.C. for twenty-five years and he has never seen a rule generate so much negative activity. “On the WOTUS angle, we support our customers. What the executive order does and does not do still has to shack out. I think the order is a demonstration of the President’s commitment and seriousness to fixing this regulation. At the end of the day I think we will get something that is more streamlined and collaborative with the farming community and from the states.”

Jim also hits on the 2018 Farm Bill. Listen to my complete interview to see how it’s funding impacts the world of crop protection. Interview with Jim McVaney, Bayer Federal Relations & Policy Dir

View and download photos from the event here: 2017 Bayer AgVocate Forum Photos

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