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International Conference Focuses on Farm Size

Kelly Marshall

The USDA’s Economic Research Service and Farm Foundation, NFP are hosting an international conference of economic researchers in Washington D.C. this week to discuss how agricultural productivity is related to farm size across the globe. Papers and presentations go beyond comparisons of land productivity to focus on total factor productivity.

“Agricultural productivity growth is a key factor in the ability of global agriculture to feed the world’s increasing population,” says conference organizer Keith Fuglie, an economist in the Resource and Rural Economics Division of ERS. “This conference is an opportunity to expand our understanding of the relationship between the size and structure of farm operations and agricultural productivity in different locations and farming systems worldwide.”

This conference is targeted to public policy officials, economists and those interested in global development and productivity. The workshop is free of charge but registration is requested. Papers presented will be posted on ResearchGate after the event.

Farm Foundation, International