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Agrible Working with Deere Ops Center

Cindy Zimmerman

nafb-16-agribleAt the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasting Trade Talk we learned that Agrible’s Morning Farm Report is now available through the John Deere Operations Center.

“I have yet to met the grower who wants to enter the information twice – and quite honestly, most of them don’t even want to do it once,” said Agrible’s Jason Little. “We have a number of integrations that are done, with My John Deere, with ADM and their system, so we can pull information from there and pre-populate that grower’s account for them. And it just makes it easier.”

Growers who sign up for the Morning Farm Report can click through to the John Deere site, chose Agrible as a “trusted partner,” and have information uploaded for them. The Morning Report offers a wide variety of programs to help make farm decisions. The Field Forecast tool give a two week weather forecast for a specific field, including a field history report. Tractor Time is a logistics tool that offers information about the load bearing capacity of a field- helping growers see what they can get in and do. The Yield Engine is a virtual crop, providing yield projections by July and Spray Smart gives hour-by-hour wind conditions for three days out.

Customers already using the Morning Farm Report say it’s a simple process. Learn more in this interview: Interview with Jason Little, Agrible

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