Forage Harvesting with New Holland Ag

Jamie Johansen

wde-16-114-editedNew Holland Agriculture had a FR 780 Forage Harvester on display at the 2016 World Dairy Expo, which is part of a five model line up of forage harvesters ranging from 480 to 825 horsepower. Each model is equipped with the widest cutter-head in the business providing a fine crop mat and consistent length of cut and in turn, a high quality feed.

Doug Otto leads the specialty products division which includes the self-propelled forage harvesters, sprayers and air seeding business and said, “The dairy customer is concerned about feed quality because that is what equates to healthy cows. Our forage harvesters provide a really consistent length of cut and high-capacity kernel processing,” said Doug. New Holland had on display their heavy duty kernel processor which contributes to the high quality feed product needed by dairy farmers.

“When you are looking to by forage harvester you need to look at all things. What’s your relationship with your dealer, your nutritionist? What advice are they giving on feed and set up needed? Then we ask you to come back and look at our machine because we believe we’ve got the best on the market to supply those needs,” he added.

Listen to my complete interview with Doug to learn more about cab comfort, fuel economy and more here: Interview with Doug Otto, New Holland

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Coverage of World Dairy Expo is sponsored by New Holland
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