#Farming is Teamwork for @JohnDeere Precision

Cindy Zimmerman

The InfoAg Conference in St. Louis this week is all about farmers and industry working together as a team to increase productivity and profitability and John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group (ISG) is all about teamwork.

infoag-16-deere-arthur“John Deere recognizes what our part is in precision ag and that we’re not the total solution,” said Deere Information Solutions business director Lane Arthur, who presented at the InfoAg Conference. “We recognize that a grower needs those other partners – ag input providers, ag retailers, software developers – and we’re trying to provide a platform for them to collaborate.”

Arthur talked to growers and those partners during his presentation at InfoAg about how John Deere precision ag solution can support the grower’s team. Listen to that presentation and Chuck’s interview with him below.

Interview with Lane Arthur, John Deere ISG InfoAg presentation, John Deere ISG

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Coverage of the InfoAg Conference is sponsored by John Deere   Coverage of the InfoAg Conference is sponsored by CropTrak
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