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A Sustainable Future is #Biobased

Lizzy Schultz

USDA Secretary Vilsack visits with BBT's Terri Mallioux

USDA Secretary Vilsack visits with BBT’s Terri Mallioux

BioBased Technologies, LLC (BBT) was just one of the biobased manufacturing companies that made the trip to Washington, D.C. as an exhibitor and participant in the 2016 United Soybean Board (USB) Biobased Stakeholders’ Dialogue, and BBT exhibitor Terri Mallioux was on hand during the event to discuss how the company’s manufactured materials are improving the sustainability of a multitude of American products in ways that most Americans aren’t aware of yet.

The 100% woman-owned company, based out of Rogers, Arkansas, has become an innovative leader in renewable chemistry. They are the makers of Agrol, a line of USDA Certified Biobased polyols, the building blocks for polyurethane foam.

“By using soybean oil as a substitute for petroleum in polyol manufacturing, it not only helps the American farmer, but it makes the products biobased,” said Mallioux in an interview during the event.

Argol is manufactured in various different forms, each featuring a unique, specific chemistry. The different forms of the product can be used in a number of unique applications, from rigid foams to flexible foams that are used as mattress toppers, mattresses, and memory foam pillows. It can also be used in the foam underneath the upholstery in the seats of a car. Ford has already begun using polyols in their seats, and Agrol has been used for the foam under the seats of Ford Mustangs. It can also be made into the backings for carpet and synthetic turf, the underlayment for hardwood flooring, and trim board and decking for housing.

“We’re kind of difficult to market sometimes because the consumer doesn’t ever actually get to see our product, but they really need to know these products are extremely good for the environment, extremely good for the American farmer, extremely sustainable, and they are biobased,” said Mallioux.

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