Antibiotic-Free Solutions from Novus

Jamie Johansen

novus-16-anniversary-31-editedThe antibiotic-free movement has taken shape throughout the animal ag community. And it’s not going away, so it’s time to listen. Novus International hasn’t taken the movement lightly and brought key leadership in to lead discussion on antibiotics with media as they celebrate 25 years in animal nutrition.

Novus is committed to providing solutions in answer to customer problems and industry issues. Antibiotic-free falls perfectly into this category. Customers are facing a growing challenge with reduced or removal of antibiotic use. Novus is looking into non-pharmaceutical solutions to help prepare the animal’s body for optimal performance without the use of antibiotics.

Project Horizon is one way Novus has committed to finding solutions for their customers when it comes to antibiotic-free. The program, launched during World Pork Expo, pledges resources to help Novus better understand customer challenges and opens up the communication channels throughout the entire supply chain.

Panelists included Bob Buresh, Executive Manager, North America Technical Services, Dr. Mercedes Vazquez-Anon, Sr. Director of Animal Nutrition Research & Facilities, and Dr. Nasser Odetallah, Executive Manager, Global Tech Services. Listen to the complete panel discussion here: Novus Antibiotic-Free Panel

After the panel I sat down with Dr. Vazquez-Anon. She said there is no simple solution for the removal of antibiotics. Novus has focused their research on nutrition and health. They have created gut models to test products and truly understand what is happening in the field. “The industry is changing and that can be scary. But it leads to new opportunities.”

Listen to my compete interview with Dr. Vazquez-Anon to learn more about how Novus solves problems together: Interview with Dr. Mercedes Vazquez-Anon, Novus

View and download photos from the event here:Novus International 25th Anniversary Celebration Photo Album

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