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The Novus Commitment to Science + Sustainability

Jamie Johansen

novus-16-anniversary-54-editedNovus International strives to help feed the world affordable, wholesome food each and everyday. The center of that vision is sustainability. Definitions for the word throughout the agricultural community vary, but the results are the same. Novus defines sustainable as the endurance of systems and processes and along with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines for sustainability reporting, they have conducted an in-depth sustainability report to outline their strategy for the future.

The report is centered on their Sustainability Priorities Compass which reflects the most important impacts on Novus’s business and stakeholders in driving sustainable decisions and innovation. The drivers include customer productivity and profitability, engaged and empowered employees, sustainable animal agriculture, human health and nutrition, and supply chain efficiency.

As the team celebrates 25 years of innovation in animal nutrition, the topic of science vs. sustainability has been discussed. Dr. Mercedes Vazuez-Anon, senior director of animal nutrition research and facilities, and Jake Piel, sustainability manager, sat on a panel during the media event to answer the question as to who is driving the bus? – science or sustainability.

The duo agreed. Science and sustainability have to work together, they have to live together. Dr. Vazuez-Anon said sustainability will challenge science and take it to the next level where emotion was once only measured. She believes science has improved to help the agricultural industry make decisions that before simply weren’t possible.

Listen to the complete panel discussion on science vs. sustainability here: Novus Sustainability Panel

I also sat down with Jake following the panel to pick his brain further. He likes to picture three legs of a sustainability stool with social, economic and environmental each representing a leg. The economic side of things used to be the driving force and now Jake says social is gaining steam. However, no longer are they at the mercy of the other. Jake firmly believe all legs needs each other.

Listen to my complete interview with Jake to hear his prospective when it comes to determining ROI in sustainability and his advice to others in the B2B market. Interview with Jake Piel, Novus

View and download photos from the event here:Novus International 25th Anniversary Celebration Photo Album

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