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Cindy Zimmerman

i-am-usfra-webThe U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) is composed of almost 100 agricultural organizations and agribusinesses, including some of the largest companies in the industry because they know how important it is to help consumers better understand how their food is produced.

It’s pretty safe to say that no company or sector of the agriculture industry has been the target of more misinformation than Monsanto, mainly for their development of what could arguably be the greatest scientific achievement for feeding the world in history – genetically modified crops. Getting factual information to consumers about the agriculture industry is the reason Monsanto was one of the founding members of USFRA. “We saw the need for the grower voice to be present in the ongoing conversations about food and how it is produced,” says Monsanto VP for public and industry affairs Mike Parrish. “And we knew that Monsanto had a role to play in that conversation, but more importantly we knew our customers had an important role to play.”

monsanto-parrish1Parrish is a member of the USFRA board and considers it a privilege to provide whatever expertise Monsanto can provide to help communicate with consumers. “What’s been great for us is to see an organization like USFRA really broaden the conversation,” said Parrish. “I think USFRA is definitely having an impact.”

He strongly encourages all agricultural companies and organizations to be involved with USFRA. “USFRA provides a really big tent for all of agriculture to come in and speak with one voice,” he said. “For those who aren’t supporters today, I’d encourage them to get to know the organization better.”

Listen to an interview with Mike about USFRA here: Interview with Mike Parrish, Monsanto

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