Chromatin Provides Relief to Growers Hit by Fire

Kelly Marshall

ChromatinThe Anderson Creek Fire destroyed more than 400,000 and now Chromatin, Inc. is moving in to help farmers and ranchers.  The company will be providing producers with seed that will rapidly feed livestock or cover the ground to prevent soil erosion.

“We are saddened to hear of the tragic damage caused by this fire to crops, pastures and livestock in the Kansas and Oklahoma areas. We are confident that sorghum can be part of a recovery program for the region, and Chromatin is pleased to devote resources toward this effort,” said Daphne Preuss, Chromatin’s CEO.

Sorghum grows well in tough conditions; it can be planted late in the season, requires limited water resources and grows quickly. Sorghum’s extensive root system can stabilize soil against wind and water erosion. Forage sorghum is especially useful in fire recovery, as it serves as a source of hay, silage feed, or as a cover crop in pastures for grazing.

“Our thoughts are with growers affected by the devastation of the Anderson Creek Fire, and we at Sorghum Partners are working with supportive local retailers to provide select products that are well adapted to the area at a significant discount,” stated Mike Battin, Director of National Sales.

Farmers and ranchers who suffered losses from the fire may contact these local retailers:

Anthony Farmers Cooperative (Sharon, Kansas), Contact: Aaron Schreiner

OK Coop (Kiowa, Kansas), Contact: Brett Courson

Farmers Cooperative Equity (Isabel, Kansas), Contact: Ted Behring

Farmers Cooperative Equity (Medicine Lodge, Kansas), Contact: Mike Snell

Farmers Cooperative of Carmen (Cherokee, Oklahoma), Contact: Alan Nusser

Growers and livestock producers can also call 1-855-SORGHUM for program details.

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