AgWired Statistically Thinking

Chuck Zimmerman

AgWired TwitterWeb/Mobile/Social statistics. I’ve been studying them for a lot of years and I still find them to be difficult to decipher. Even more difficult is trying to figure out what they mean in terms of ROI for sponsors and advertisers. Requests for statistics have been increasing in the last year and so far I think I’ve been able to provide most of what is asked for. But not all.

What are you looking for? What are you being asked to report? What service(s) work best? I’m seriously interested. I have looked into a variety of services that might be able to provide me what I need but the costs are not justifiable.

Here are some current statistics on AgWired that I thought I’d share as a part of this post:

  • Average weekly audio file downloads is almost 7,000
  • Flickr photo views range from a daily low of 1,500 to almost 25,000
  • YouTube views average about 30,000 per month
  • Potential monthly impressions (counting Google Analytics, associated Twitter accounts, FB page) average 5.2 million

As an advertiser or sponsor would you pay a reporting fee for a company like ours to provide significant statistical data? How often, monthly, quarterly, annually?

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