Top Issues for @Better_Seed Annual Meeting

Cindy Zimmerman

asta-2016Registration is now open for the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) 133rd annual convention, to be held June 18-22 in Portland, Oregon. At the recent Commodity Classic, we got a preview of some issues that will be top of mind for seed trade executives at the meeting from ASTA CEO Andy LaVigne. For one, ASTA is currently working with the USDA on a revision of the biotechnology regulations, known as Part 340.

classic16-asta-andy“One of the key concerns that we have is USDA in this process is looking at part 340 regulations, which are the coordinated framework on approvals for biotechnology products.” LaVigne said. “We want to make sure that we support what they are trying to do; they’re trying to improve the regulatory efficiency of predictability in the system….ensure that the definition on the scope of that stays with the biotechnology processes and doesn’t bring in the breeding processes.”

LaVigne says they are also keeping an eye on seed treatments reviews at the federal level, as well as what Congress might do about food labeling for genetically modified ingredients. “This has got to be a legislative fix, we can’t have a patchwork,” said LaVigne. “There’s got to be a way that has flexibility in it.”

Listen to my interview with Andy here: Interview with Andy LaVigne, ASTA

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