ClearAg Mobile App Launched by Iteris

Kelly Marshall

ClearAgLogo Iteris ClearAg Mobile is a newly launched grower analytics application that uses information about weather, water, soil and crop growth to offer field-specific advisories to the grower.  Jeff Keiser, the Vice President for strategic sales and marketing, spoke with AgWired at the recent 2016 Commodity Conference about this new technology.

ClearAg offers users information about the weather, water and soil and then sends all that information directly to your smartphone, Keiser tells Chuck Zimmerman.  More than just the weather, the ClearAg Mobile app also interprets that data for you, applying it to what is going on in your field and how that affects crops at the stage of growth they are in.  Growers can be alerted to prime times for planting, spraying, irrigating, fertilizing and harvest.

classic16-clearag“I think the most important part of ClearAg Mobile is that its easy to get at the details around how much did it rain, and more importantly, how much of that is going to impact my crop through the soil, through penetration, or did it just run off?” Keiser offers as an example.

With up to 30 years of historical data in the system, growers and the professionals they rely on to help make decisions can access the information for one or all of an operation’s fields.  With this subscription based service a user can set up his account to share data with as many consultants as they like, or make limited information available to a specific person, such as a landlord.

Learn more about this new app in the full interview: Interview with Jeff Keiser, Iteris

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