Senate Ag Approves GMO Labeling Bill

Cindy Zimmerman

roberts-hearingThe Senate Agriculture Committee today held a business meeting where the Chairman’s Mark on Biotechnology Labeling Solutions was favorably reported with a bipartisan vote of 14-6.

The legislation, which creates a voluntary national labeling law for genetically modified products, now heads to the full Senate for consideration. “This is really a conversation about a few states dictating to every state the way food moves from farmers to consumers in the value chain. We have a responsibility to ensure that the national market can work for everyone, including farmers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers,” said Committee Chairman Pat Roberts (R-KS). “The Chairman’s Mark puts forward policies that will help consumers not only find information, but also demand information from manufacturers. However, it is important, as with any federal legislation on this topic, for Congress to consider scientific fact and unintended consequences.”

Link to legislation and archived video of the hearing.

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