Straight from the Nufarm Zebra’s Mouth

Chuck Zimmerman

nufarm-zebra-hatWe’ve been telling you about Chip, the Nufarm zebra, who was at the 2016 Potato Expo last week – and if you check out the Potato Expo photo album you’ll see quite a few of Chip – but we wanted to get the story straight from the zebra’s mouth. So, I had a little chat with the striped star to find out just why he agreed to join Nufarm at the expo.

Chip’s main mission was to let people know about Nufarm’s research into bactericides that have the potential of controlling zebra chip. “Zebra chip is a disease that causes potato growers a lot of problems and as a zebra named Chip, I took a personal interest in this threat because frankly I thought it was damaging the zebra’s reputation,” said Chip, who actually is a little shy so he spoke through Nufarm marketing director Brian Rund. “I’m considered quite photogenic … so we invited people to take selfies – or “zelfies” as I call them – and we tweeted them out and it went great!”

The zelfie participants were all entered into a drawing to provide Chip with a new home and the winner was Lucy Zhu from Edmonton, AB. She is very happy to welcome Chip into his new home.

Besides getting a new home, some of Chip’s highlights at the Potato Expo were visiting the Simplot igloo and working in the Spud Nation food truck. Listen to the interview with Chip here: Interview with Chip the Nufarm Zebra

Potato Expo 2016 Photo Album

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