Book Review: Red Combines

Joanna Schroeder

redcombinesIt’s Cyber Monday, and so here is another gift idea for agriculture lovers: Red Combines. Authored by Lee Klancher, the beautiful tome visually and artistically details the history of the entire line of International Harvester and Case IH red combines from 1915-2015.

Other elements of the book include how the red combine has impacted both agriculture and society throughout the years. Red Combines tells the story of the development of the Axial-Flow combine in 1977 that was created in a garage so secret very few people even knew of its existence. After its release, Klancher writes about how this combine gave agriculture a technological leap and assisted in transforming the agriculture industry and how farmers farmed. The Axial-Flow combine was not the only piece of equipment built in secret. Klancher also tells the story of the CBX, a mega-combine built in the 1990s behind closed doors.

Red Combines is a great book for all the fans of farm history and farm equipment. You don’t have to bleed red to enjoy this coffee table book.

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