Deere to Acquire Precision Planting & Monosem

Chuck Zimmerman

Pat Pinkston, John DeereThis morning John Deere announced that the company has acquired Precision Planting from the Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of Monsanto. Also included in the announcement is an exclusive agreement with Climate Corporation for near real-time data connectivity between certain John Deere equipment and Climate Corporation’s FieldView Platform.

Making the announcement at the Develop with Deere conference was Pat Pinkston. You can listen to his announcement below.

Yesterday Deere made another announcement that it is acquiring Memosem, a leading manufacturer of precision planters in Europe. Also announced is a joint venture creating SageInsights with DN2K’s cloud software platform. Yep, lots of announcements from Deere!

Listen to Pat’s comments here: Pat Pinkston, John Deere

climatecorp2The Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of Monsanto Company, held a press conference this morning to discuss the new agreements.

“To maximize the value of digital agriculture, farmers need solutions for simple and seamless collection of in-field agronomic data,” said Mike Stern, president and chief operating officer for The Climate Corporation. “As a result of these milestone agreements, farmers will experience the fastest, most frequent and highest resolution third-party connectivity between John Deere’s equipment and the Climate FieldView platform.”

Stern was joined in the press conference by Climate senior vice president for agronomic services John Raines, and Illinois farmer Steve Moffitt. Climate Corp/Deere press conference

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