Push for TPP Approval is On

Cindy Zimmerman

tpp-congressPresident Obama met with agriculture and business leaders on Tuesday as the push to get Congress to approve the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) begins.

“History of free trade agreements with reference to agriculture will tell us that agriculture is a winner every time,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack in a press conference about the agreement. “TPP is going to be no exception to that history.”

Vilsack says it’s important for members of Congress to recognize the benefits to their own states of the agreement “and I think if they are concerned and interested in agriculture they will see this is a net benefit for agriculture.”

Concerns about currency manipulation have been voiced by many criticizing the agreement, including the National Farmers Union. “Currency manipulation has historically not been part of trade discussions and negotiations,” said Vilsack, who added that there are other ways to address currency manipulation. “The bottom line here is … we’re going to sell more American agricultural products across the board.”

Listen to Vilsack talk about the TPP here: Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack comments on TPP Agreement

Watch the White House YouTube video “The President’s Trade Deal, Explained by a Cherry” – no, I am not making that up.

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