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Colin Powell Addresses REBELation

Chuck Zimmerman

General Colin PowellFormer U.S. Secretary of State and retired General Colin Powell took the stage today to talk about becoming a REBEL. He offered the international audience some insights into what it means to be an American and why people want to come to our country.

Since the conference is mostly educational sessions on food and the business of animal agriculture he offered thoughts on the importance of feeding the growing world population. Powell drew on his military background to talk about managing people. I thought is was interesting that he has never said the words, “That is an order,” in his career. He says soldiers don’t respond to that. It’s much better to explain things to them so they understand what they have to do. I am able to offer a short piece of his presentation from the beginning of his speech.

Listen to an excerpt from Colin Powell’s remarks here: Colin Powell Remarks at Alltech Rebelation

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