GROWMARK Preparing for Next Season

Cindy Zimmerman

nafb14-growmarkA farmer’s work is never done so now that the harvest is complete, it’s time to prepare for next season.

“We’re getting done getting the ammonia on because of the cold weather,” said GROWMARK Regional Agronomy Business Director Nate Pierce during an interview at the NAFB convention last month. “We need to start making our plans and working with the growers to figure out how we’re going to get it done this spring.”

Pierce says GROWMARK is a strong advocate with growers for nitrogen management as a system. “That is multiple applications of nitrogen and utilizing a 4 Rs approach,” he said. “That doesn’t mean putting on more nitrogen, it’s just doing it in split applications with different products in a tank.”

Pierce also talks about some of the factors involved in decision making farmers the coming year in this interview: Interview with Nate Pierce, GROWMARK

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