The Sales Lion Prowls at AgCatalyst

Chuck Zimmerman

Marcus SheridanMarcus Sheridan started out his career as a “pool guy.” But today he has a digital marketing agency, The Sales Lion. This guy has lots of energy which you’ll be able to hear in a snippet of his AgCatalyst presentation below. I also interviewed him to get a few take-aways to share with you.

First, he says “We have to understand that the way people buy has changed dramatically and that we are constantly under-estimating people’s willingness to become comfortable with a buying decision through information.” This means taking the time to learn as much as we can online before engaging with a company. As he puts it, “Marketing has way more influence on the sales process today than sales does on the sales process.” What do you think about that? Agree?

Assuming this is true then content becomes very important. Listen to my interview with Marcus to find out why and how you should be thinking about creating your content.

You can listen to my interview with Marcus here: Interview with Marcus Sheridan

You can listen to a beginning snippet of his remarks here: Marcus Sheridan Presentation

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